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First Latte

Posted by Adam Graham on February 11, 2006

I got a $5 Moxie Java gift card from work a few weeks ago, but hadn’t used it as I wasn’t an Expresso drinker. Andrea drinks coffee, but I don’t. Tonight, before going shopping we stopped at our local Moxie. We went inside and I figured I’d get a biscuit or something, but I saw something on the menu that sounded appealing: A Chai Latte. A Tea-flavored Latte. It sounded interesting. I tried it and it was delicious.

The Moxie Java looked like a place where you’d expect to find a writer. There were some nice leather chairs, as well as some tables. I’ll be honest that I’d never been in a Coffee House before, but the first experience was nice, so I’ll be back. Though, I tend to think it will be more of a rare treat than a regular occurance. I just can’t see regularly spending $3.00 for a Cup of Tea, no matter how nice it tastes.


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Home Soon and Resting

Posted by Adam Graham on January 20, 2006

Saturday is going to be a busy day: Men’s Fellowship Breakfast at the Church at 8:30, Spiritual Growth Class at 9:30 and then at 11:30, go home, grab a bite and make it to Julia Davis by 1:00 for the March for Life.

As such, I’m going to answer any posts when I get home and then go off to rest. Its going to be a tough day tomorrow, when I usually rest, but we must be about our Father’s business.

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Night, Night

Posted by Adam Graham on January 17, 2006

The Festival of Frugality is up at Clutter 2 Cash. I’m tired and don’t have much blogging in me. I’m going to bed relatively early and hopefully will have something for tomorrow.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Adam Graham on December 31, 2005

1) To Be a Better Christian and a Better Person
2) To Not Let Fear Stop me from achieving my full potential
3) To Get An Acceptance Letter from a Publisher
4) Lose Weight and get to a comfortable reasonable weight.

What are your resolutions? Leave them in the comments or Trackback them.

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Simple Prayer Request

Posted by Adam Graham on December 30, 2005

I’m tired, so I won’t have much to say tonight. I’d ask everybody to say a prayer for our police and highway patrolmen. Tomorrow’s going to be a tough day with all the drunken idiots on the road. One hint. You can help by not being a drunken idiot yourself.

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Summer’s Over….

Posted by Andrea Graham on October 6, 2005

I know, it’s October, so that probably seems like a strange thing to say, like “no duh,” but my nose just got the message and it just now decided to get cold, so I’m looking up and going, “hey! Where did summer go?”

I hate colds. They’re annoying. Mild colds are almost worse than bad ones, you’ve got to work through mild no matter how tired ya are. Adam’s got one, too. And you know he’s tired when he only makes one blog post then does something with his wife on the weekdays. I should’ve taken his temperature and sent him straight to bed.

Instead I smiled and watched Touched By An Angel on DVD. Hey, why look a gift horse in the mouth.

Did I say I hate colds? Guess they’re not so bad, after all.

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