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This and That…

Posted by Adam Graham on May 28, 2007

A victim of the Moscow shooter, left the hospital. He was a brave kid who when he heard the shots, grabbed his .45 and went to help. God bless him and best of wishes on his recovery.

(Hat Tip: Right Mind)

Meanwhile, the home school graduation is growing. So much so that Governor Otter spoke:

The first ceremony of the Idaho Homeschool Graduation, 17 years ago, honored two graduates and was held in a local library.
Things have changed.

On Saturday, Gov. Butch Otter addressed a crowd of 1,500 gathered at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa to confer diplomas on 44 of Idaho’s home-schooled teens…

Before the ceremony, Otter said he accepted the invitation because he has always encouraged families to take an active role in their children’s educations, and that home-school families obviously embody that value.

“I wanted them to know that I respect that, and not only that, I celebrate it,” Otter said.

God bless Governor Otter and God bless homeschoolers for what they do. It really provides hope to our state and our nation.


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